GDaddy app to meet local gay sugar daddy for gay men

The GDaddy app is a much talked about as it has also made some headlines when it was launched on portals like and many other similar circles. In some of the articles on the internet it has also been termed as the gay app of the 21st century!

This is because in today’s society there is need for awareness for the gay community to be seen in a different way and this app liberated and provides for that function. That is actually saying quite a lot in itself. This gay app is an attempt by the makers to see gay dating apps in a different light and not in a way of headless torsos presented on the screen of your mobile on the name of dating. The interface of this app looks very trendy, modern and serving the needs of today’s time. It has a far reach and comes with a new vision, can be downloaded on both iOS and iPhone. The representatives of this app say that it is natural way for gay men to connect and you do not habt the awkward first 10 minutes of chat on this app which is how they change it.

Sign-Up & Login Process
GDaddy is a gay dating app that states that it allows guys to make connections and that too on their own terms. The signup process is simple but at the same time it follows a very modern approach. You need to be very genuine to be on this platform and also find genuine guys. You enter your contact details and your email address. Apart from that you need to enter your profile and then set up a personal password. This way you can register and confirm yourself as a user on the app. The menu and browsing is simple explained in the next section.

Members/Interactions/ Price
The app takes a little different approach on the swipe now feature. It has divided the dating swipe left and right to Mr RIght, Mr RIght Know, Mr Who Knows, Mr Right Perfect. This app gives open options for the users to explore and find what is right for them. The design of this app is very easy to scroll and go through the app and scroll for guys. The rating is custom so even if you are not sure about many guys you can give them different bands and move further. It also has an instagram integration option for richer experience.

Key Features

The Mr Right feature is a perfect option for the last swipe. If you want to use this option then you might get a partner for long term and you can consider bring free of dating forever.
If you want to date and meet new people then Mr Right Now feature might be the option that you are wanting to try. Similarly you can swipe for Mr Who Knows if you are not sure what you are looking for.
You can also integrate instagram. The app has compulsory photo moderation and facebook log in.
Send pics, GIFS and Sparks to flirt.