Fuzz gay app reviewed for gay guys

Fuzz gay app is a popular app for gay dating that is compatible for use on all iOS 8.0 devices and iPads. It is available for purchase all the time on the App Store for gay men who are interested in dating on gay apps. This app is regularly updated for showcasing the latest status of the huge database of members and its current version 1.0.4 was updated only on September 5th, 2017. Fuzz app is a bit complicated gay dating app for setting up and the users need to really understand the instructions provided on the manual of this app. This new version functions without any need to change the settings of the app.

This gay dating app is available only in English language, for which it is widely used in many countries of the world. Its size is only 33.2 MB, which means it does not require too much space on the mobile device of users. Fuzz app is distinctly known for its high quality audio effect with special distortions of the sound, which is created by the application of noise-shaping overdrives that can result in desirable deformation to the audio quality of this app. Users need to be expert in using the flickering noise generator, drone unit of the app with 5 oscillators for pitch detection of self audio input. Here, the sound can also be filtered by the user with the help of bandpass, VCF and 9-line equalizer.

Sign-up & Login process:

Though Fuzz app gay dating app is a bit difficult to set up on the iPhone, it is quite simple to sign up to access the database of this app. All members need to provide his Facebook or Google Plus account id and login with that account only. All the needed information about new members is taken up from his account on the mentioned social media sites. But some other members may also opt to sign up by manually entering all his necessary information into the given online form of the sign up page.

Members/ Interactions:

Since Fuzz app is an English app, users can easily find thousands of English speaking members on its database. This gay hookup app provides a list of other gay members that match the desired criteria of a new member, regarding the qualities of his gay dating partner. The user can simply choose any one from them according to his personal choice and start interacting with him freely, through the messaging or chatting facilities of this app. But the voice message is the most adored facility of interaction on this app, with all the latest audio features.

Key features:

Fuzz app contains Audiobus and the best quality Inter App Audio system, with 4 overdrives.
The noise generators of this app are either white or pink in color. 11 kinds of signals can be mixed together to form the desired sound effect.
Users can give audio input as modulator that can be heard only by him. This app has 4 voice polyphonies for receiving notes sent by other interacting members.
This app is provided with a drone that has 5 kinds of oscillators; namely sinus, saw, square, triangle and table oscillators. This drone holds the unique ability of pitch detection.
There is an internal keyboard for the setup of the drone chord and also has MIDI-in technology for controlling and filtering the sound frequencies of this drone.
Fuzz app also has the facility of audio recording and sharing of audio messages with other members.
There are 8 monitors to take care of all the interior chains and randomizers to keep the knobs or buttons of this app in perfect operating condition.

Thus, Fuzz app is now adored worldwide for its innovative features and the enjoyment of using its features among those who choose to find someone special on gay dating apps for men.

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