GHunt – No.1 Gay Sugar Daddy Dating App

GHunt has a particularly good understanding of its purpose from the beginning it launched. It is not the only gay sugar daddy dating app in this marker, but it is definitely the most effective one when it comes to arrange meetings for young guys and rich men. It is good at bringing gay men who […]

Tips on Finding A Transgender Dating

As a transgender, do you often ask yourself why it is so difficult to find true love? Whenever you look at the sweet couple on the street and walk past you, will you ask yourself this question over and over again? I believe that many transgender people will think about this question, why other people […]

How to Make Your Gay Boyfriend Feel Heard

When someone you are talking with are not listening to you, you will feel hurt and harmful because your ideas cannot be heard at that moment. However, when you are in a gay relationship with someone you meet on a gay dating app, you also want to be heard because there are so many things […]

When You Are Super Attractive On Gay Dating Apps

When you are looking for partners on a gay dating app, you will notice that there are guys who have a perfect profiles with a good-looking photo. Let’s assume that they are real. You probably think that those men will attract so many guys to contact them and it will be much easier for them […]

Can Trans People Be Gay?

For people who just realizing their gender and just coming to terms with the fact they are trans, they usually get questions like “I feel like I should be a man, but I’m still attracted to guys and want to find partners on gay dating app“, “Can I transition to be FTM while also liking […]

Tips For You If You are Gay and Cannot Find a Partner

Most of the gay men are now part of the crowd and also frequently mentioned in the popular culture in the movies, in the literature and many forms of art. They have existed in humanity since the time immemorial but it is only now in the past 100 years that we have started to acknowledge […]

GDaddy app to meet local gay sugar daddy for gay men

The GDaddy app is a much talked about as it has also made some headlines when it was launched on portals like and many other similar circles. In some of the articles on the internet it has also been termed as the gay app of the 21st century! This is because in today’s society […]

3rder app helps gay threesomes and swingers find new love

3rder is a gay threesome dating app for open-minded singles and couples who wish to find partners to arrange a three-way online. It is free to download and join as a member to enjoy its service and find people to connect. This gay threesome app is always trying its best to offer the best service […]

Fuzz gay app reviewed for gay guys

Fuzz gay app is a popular app for gay dating that is compatible for use on all iOS 8.0 devices and iPads. It is available for purchase all the time on the App Store for gay men who are interested in dating on gay apps. This app is regularly updated for showcasing the latest status […]

Jack d app for gay men

Jack D gay dating app can simply be defined as a mobile app, which is specifically designed for gay men. Gay men who are looking for like-minded partners from all over the world can choose to take advantage of this gay dating app to get the best possible results with gay dating. Gay men still […]