Can Trans People Be Gay?

For people who just realizing their gender and just coming to terms with the fact they are trans, they usually get questions like “I feel like I should be a man, but I’m still attracted to guys and want to find partners on gay dating app“, “Can I transition to be FTM while also liking guys”, “Does that make me not trans”, “Can I meet people on a trans app“? There are a lot of people that mistake gender and sexuality as very close things. They maybe somehow related, but they are not the same. A lot of people do mistake the two and switch then around. There do exist some trans that are gay. They are often asked many times like why wouldn’t you just be a straight woman? Wouldn’t it be easier to just be a straight woman? Why you are trans if you could just be a straight woman? Actually, it is not hard to understand. The two are separate. I wouldn’t be one way if I weren’t the other and vice versa.

Just to clarify, gender is a spectrum. You can be anywhere between fully male and fully female. There is the whole spectrum of identifying as male, or a man, a woman, anywhere between non-binary. You can be any gender in the same sense. The same as sexuality. You can be totally straight, totally gay, bisexual, anywhere in there, and those don’t correlate. You can be a guy, just like a cis guy can be gay and a trans guy can be gay. Therefore, your sexuality does not invalidate your gender identity. So if you identify as a man and you want to transition to male, but you also feel like you are attracted to men, don’t let that stop you because that is no correlation.

Now let’s talk about the same sex attraction—the same sex attraction theory. Before you were female identified, and you dated women or you had a same sex, same gender attraction, there are a lot of trans men who transition. It is not that you turn gay when you are on T. Not at all. That does not exist. Then it has something to do with the same sex and same gender attraction. Your attraction shifts towards men because you identify as male, which is like somehow problematic, but also understandable. Some are used to that same gender attraction, so that when they transition, they may feel that they are attracted more to men than women. This situation is like a common narrative for trans men. In this way, you are more comfortable with your body and finally able to stop repressing those thoughts that you had before.

In a word, you can definitely be gay if you are trans. Gender and sexual orientation are two separate terms. You can be a gay and also do trans dating online.They do not have much relation to each other. People who lack knowledge in this area should not conjecture their sexual orientation. There’s huge chance that you may be totally wrong. In this diversified world, let’s embrace the diversity.